Saturday, July 2, 2011

Excerpt from my complaint to the BBB against T Mobile

Tmobile released a new phone "Tmobile G2x" on april 20th which i purchased the following day.   the phone was great but had some defects like random rebooting and screen bleeding. after a few days i began to read stories on how the phone was defective ( it wasnt happening often so i thought i had one of the "good" ones. Around june 25th i turned on my phone and found it in an endless loop, shutting off and on.  i called tmobile but they couldnt fix it.  I called LG and they stopped the endless loop.  since then, it has rebooted 5 times and went in to an endless loop 1 more time.  besides this being a big annoyance and inconvenience, i am loosing important information.  when this happens, text messages that i need are erased.  All of the apps are erased and i have to download them again which uses up the data on my plan. Just today i "redownloaded" all the apps that was erased and it use 200 megabytes.  if this continues, i will be using more data "redownloading" than i will use surfing.
I would like Tmobile to inform me of what is going on with the update.  If there is no confirmed date for an update in sight then i would like a "comparable phone" which would be the Sensation 4g as it is the only other "Dual-Core" phone on tmobile (not the Mytouch 4g as it has a single core).
 Thank You.

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