Saturday, July 2, 2011

Excerpt from my complaint to the BBB against T Mobile

Tmobile released a new phone "Tmobile G2x" on april 20th which i purchased the following day.   the phone was great but had some defects like random rebooting and screen bleeding. after a few days i began to read stories on how the phone was defective ( it wasnt happening often so i thought i had one of the "good" ones. Around june 25th i turned on my phone and found it in an endless loop, shutting off and on.  i called tmobile but they couldnt fix it.  I called LG and they stopped the endless loop.  since then, it has rebooted 5 times and went in to an endless loop 1 more time.  besides this being a big annoyance and inconvenience, i am loosing important information.  when this happens, text messages that i need are erased.  All of the apps are erased and i have to download them again which uses up the data on my plan. Just today i "redownloaded" all the apps that was erased and it use 200 megabytes.  if this continues, i will be using more data "redownloading" than i will use surfing.
I would like Tmobile to inform me of what is going on with the update.  If there is no confirmed date for an update in sight then i would like a "comparable phone" which would be the Sensation 4g as it is the only other "Dual-Core" phone on tmobile (not the Mytouch 4g as it has a single core).
 Thank You.


Oh T-mobile! Why do thou break my heart? Why do thou play with my soul? Is this a fairy tale? Like, "catch me if you can like the gingerbread man."  I remember the sweet fantasy before I purchased my beloved g2x. I read the sweet tweet on April 24th with the promise of "you will not have to wait long."  I read the sweet tweet with the promise of "by the summer". I spoke to you personally and you promised me, "in June". Gingerbread, gingerbread, where art thou gingerbread.  I heard the droid 2 global is eating sweet ginger.  Even the old Tyrannosaurus Rex, err Evo 4g is snacking on ginger.  My g2x has a sweet tooth for some ginger snaps. And my brother, g2, would love to taste some ginger cookies before he is buried. Summer is now here. June has passed us by and my heart can't wait any longer. T-Mobile! For all of our love and devotion...give us some gingerbread before the Wicked Witch of the West destroys you and all the good that you do.